family Resources

Unemployment, Food Stamps, TennCare and Families First

TN Department of Labor

Go here to apply for unemployment benefits, submit weekly certifications, report a lost check, dispute a claim and look for work.

TN Department of Human Services

Go here to apply for food stamps, TennCare and Families First.

Social Security Administration

Go here to apply for social security and disability insurance.

The local SSA office is located at 921 Congress Parkway N, Athens, TN, (423) 745-7488

Housing Resources

Etowah Housing Authority

400 Sunset Dr, Etowah, TN 37331 or

400 Hillside Ln, Athens, TN 37303

(423) 263-2674

The Etowah Housing Authority offers housing opportunities based on income for Etowah, TN. They also manage section 8 housing.

Athens Housing Authority

716 Clark St, Athens, TN - (423) 745-0341

The Athens Housing Authority provides housing opportunities based on income within the Athens City Limits. They also manage section 8 housing.

Tennessee Housing and Development Agency

The Tennessee Housing and Development Agency is a service designed to help with housing needs across Tennessee. If you are facing homelessness or are homeless at the moment, you may qualify to receive assistance from the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program. If you need help with a home loan, section 8 housing, or rental assistance, THDA can help. If you are looking to purchase a house, THDA offers homebuyer education services and a variety of home loan options.

Organizations that help with clothing, childcare, heating costs, housing, transportation elder care, domestic violence, etc.

United Way

The United Way works with local non-profit and charitable agencies to offer services to the community.

SETHRA (Southeast Tennessee Human Resource Agency Public Transportation)

(423) 949-2191

SETHRA provides free and low-cost, public transportation in rural areas. They give priority to those with medical appointments and appointments with the Department of Human Services to apply for families first, food stamps, TennCare, etc. SETHRA can also assist with transportation to/from work.

ETHRA (East Tennessee Human Resources Agency)

ETHRA operates a diverse range of programs from services for Senior Adults to Nutrition Programs for Children, from HUD housing assistance to Home Weatherization and Heating and Cooling assistance, from Employment Development and Transportation to Probation Services.

Coordinated Charities Agency

Coordinated Charities works to pool all the charitable resources in McMinn County and can help you find the help you need.

1217-A S. Congress Pkwy, Athens, TN 37303 (423) 745-9625

Family Resource Agency

Serving families, children, and adults in ways that improve their quality of life, and enable them to be more self-sufficient, productive members of the community. They have links for Family Violence Programs, and Tennessee and Georgia Head Start Programs.