Literary Resources

Books & Authors offers new ways to explore the endless possibilities and combinations of books, authors, genres and topics.

An integrated research experience, Gale Literary Sources databases allow researchers, faculty and students to search across resources to discover and analyze content in new ways.

Library science students, information science and technology professionals, and others will value the Information Science & Library Issues Collection. It is updated daily with articles covering all aspects of managing and maintaining information and technology, including usability, cataloging, circulation, business information, and more.

LitFinder provides access to literary works and authors throughout history and includes more than 150,000 full-text poems and 800,000+ poetry citations, as well as short stories, speeches, and plays. The database also includes secondary materials like biographies, images, and more.

Literature Resource Center is the most current, comprehensive and reliable online literature database offering the broadest and most representative range of authors and their works including a deep collection of full-text critical and literary analysis. The database provides researches with unbounding evidence to support their literary responses and thesis statements through a diversity of scholars and critics that ensure all views and perspectives are represented.

This collection consists of all volumes in the Scribner American Writers series, including: American Writers (the 4-volume base set and all supplements), American Writers Retrospective and American Writers Classics. The classic volumes focus on famous works - many of which are required reading in high schools and colleges. Each classics volume includes 20-25 accessible essays, each on a single work of American literature. Examples include Toni Morrison's "Beloved", J.D. Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye" and Stephen Crane's "The Red Badge of Courage".

The acclaimed Twayne's Authors Series of literary criticism offers in-depth introductions to the lives and works of writers, the history and influence of literary movements and to the development of literary genres. This online series features the content of more than 600 books that comprise three print series - United States Authors, English Authors and World Authors - each of which were carefully coordinated with input from librarians and educators to include authors universally studied in high schools and colleges. Twayne's Author Series is an ideal starting point for research papers on literary works and figures, special projects and presentations.